Rob Moroto

Rob Moroto

PPOC Nationally Accredited Photographer
MPI Master Photography Commercial

Rob is the mind behind Calgary Photos, and like many business owners, he considers himself a recovering workaholic. In attempt to strike a work life balance, he loves rounding out his days by searching for the best eggs benny and moules frites. You’ll also catch him participating in different physical activities like rock climbing, boxer-size and drinking IPAs (best way to build those biceps, right?). 

After moving with his three boys and wife out to Vancouver Island, he’s continued to be an integral part of the Calgary Photos family by taking on one of the world’s longest commutes on a regular basis. To Rob, there’s nothing better than working with a great team and he runs his business by Richard Branson’s words, “train people well enough so they can leave, treat them well enough, so they don’t want to”.

While his love for photography runs deep, starting all the way back in junior high, the company started as a bit of accident. After being laid off as a marketing manager for a developer, the photographer he worked with suggested that he gets into shooting. As luck would have it, his neighbour was getting ready to sell their home and he had his very first photoshoot! The realtor liked the photos and the rest is history! 

From homes to people to businesses, Rob loves showing a different perspective through his lens. He sees depth in every person and every object, no matter how plain they may seem. He can’t wait to help local businesses and talents find their beauty through his photography.

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