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Floorplans and RECA RMS Measurements

Real Estate Photography for Real Estate Agents

One of the most important components of listing a home is beautiful photography that accentuates its best selling features. Calgary Photos showcases your property at it’s best through its colour correct HDR photography, virtual tours, brochures and customized websites. In addition, we also provide realtor photo shoot services to showcase you at your best. For more information on our packages please visit or call us today at 403.585.3839.

Services & Packages

daylight real estate photography
Daylight Real Estate Photography

Small (25 Photos) $165
Recommended for homes under 1500sq.ft.

Standard (40-70 Photos) $225
Most popular choice for every listing!

Large (70-100 Photos) $425
For those homes over 10,000sq.ft.

Replace cloudy or overcast sky with blue sky $35 per image
Virtual Stage empty rooms $55 per image
Exterior Reshoot $125

twilight real estate photography
Twilight Real Estate Photography

Standard (40-70 Photos) $325
Most popular twilight choice for every listing!

Large (70 - 100 Photos) $525
For homes over 8000sq.ft.

Replace cloudy or overcast sky with blue sky. $35 per image
Virtual Stage Empty Rooms $55 per image
Exterior Reshoot $225 

Photos and 360 Virtual Tours

Daytime Virtual Tours and Photos

Small (20-30 Photos and 5 Virtual Tours) $285
Large (30-50 Photos and 10-20 Virtual Tours) $385

Twilight Virtual Tours and Photos

Small (20-30 Photos and 5 Virtual Tours) $345
Large (30-50 Photos and 10-20 Virtual Tours) $385

Floorplans and RECA RMS Measurements
Floorplans and Measurements

Simple Measurements

$0.05 Per Sq.ft.   $125 Minimum
Simplified floor plan and a list of room dimensions

Standard 2D Floorplan and Measurements

$0.10 Per Sq.ft.   $165 Minimum
2D Aerial view with accurate squarefootage, room dimentions and realtor branding

3D Floorplan and Measurements

$0.15 Per Sq.ft.   $325 Minimum
High quality, 3D rendering of a fully furnished home, plus 2D Aerial view with accurate squarefootage, room dimentions and realtor branding

Professional, reliable measurements provided through our partners at Excelsior Measuring Inc.
Floorplans are not suitable for architectural/construction, square footage-method RECA RMS used & is covered under E&O.

Real Estate Video

Standard Video Lengths vary between 1:00 to 3:00 minutes in length.

$325 for homes and condos under 2000sq.ft.
$425 for homes above 2000sq.ft.
$625 for homes above 4000sq.ft.

Add Ons:

30 Second Instagram and Facebook Short Reel Cut $55

Community Profile Video $150

Add Realtor Intro and Narration. $100

3D Matterport

Creating a whole new interiors experience with 3D imaging.

$225 Apartment style Condos
$325 Single Dwelling Houses
$425 Estate Houses
Includes 3 months of Matterport hosting.
$10 per additional month of hosting


Aerial Drone Photography

Aerial Drone Photography

$325 per session (40 to 70 photos)

$425 per session (40 to 70 photos plus Video)

Please note some areas in the city and outskirts may not be accessible due to city or civic restrictions.  Appointments are subject to rescheuduling due to weather or wind conditions or permitting restrictions.

real estate youtube slideshow
YouTube Slideshow

Take all of your great photos and put them into an online visual presentation with music, text and your branding. $75

Virtual Staging

Take any vacant image and make it look like a show home with virtual staging! Using high quality stock furniture imagery we can take any empty space and make it look like a home.

$55 per image - no minimum.  Please allow for up to 48 hours to complete.


real estate brochure
Print Brochures

Calgary Photos works in conjuction with PTI Graphics, a leader in graphic design and print material, specializing in servicing realtors and real estate professionals. FInd out more about PTI Graphics at

Brochure Design Fee
Using your custom template PTI Graphics will layout and set up a custom brochure for each of your listings.  Starting as low as $45

Custom Template Set up Fee
For new clients it is important to make sure that a personalized custom template is created to ensure proper branding and imaging. PTI Graphics will work with you to create the best brochure template layout and look to match  your brand image and business workflow.

PTI Graphics will coordinate the professional printing of all of your important marketing materials. Prices will range based on the number of pages, paper quality and quantity - please contact PTI Graphics directly for details.

Deliver to your office or to your listing, anywhere in Calgary for one flat fee. $15

For More Information
Contact PTI Graphics at:

realtor portrait photos
Realtor Portrait Shots

Photography Session
A full 30 minute portrait photography session. At the end of the session you will be provided with a PDF of untouched proofs from which you can select final images. $85 per person

Location Fee
An additional fee will be charged for photography sessions conducted at a location other than our studio. Additional travel fees may apply for out of town sessions. $225

Image Fee
Cost per image including basic Photoshop work. $65

Background removal. $35 per image

Terms & License

24 hour turnaround real estate photography
24 Hour Turnaround Time

You will have receive by email a download link for your photos and a link to your virtual tours within 24 hours of your shoot GUARANTEED.  Measurements, floorplans, 3D floorplans, real estate videos, print materials, YouTube Videos, Matterport 3D and custom website delivery times may vary - please consult your visual professional at the time of shooting.

24 hour cancellation policy
24 Hour Cancellation Policy

Because your time is important we promise to be there on time and finished on time. In return we ask that you respect our time and provide us with a minimum of 24 hours if you need to cancel or reschedule. If we do not hear from you and our real estate photographer gets there and finds out that we need to cancel – we will charge the full rate. Exceptions will be made for extraordinary circumstances.

Photoshop real estate photography
Photoshop Work Included

All packages include professional color correction and a series of lens corrections to ensure that your photos look their best. However this does not include removal of holes in walls, addition of furniture or any other work to alter what was actually there, but if you need it we can provide it.

out of town real estate photography
Out of Town Fees

We do provide our services outside of the Calgary area as well, but we charge extra for travel

Airdrie $40
Cochrane $40
Bearspaw $40
Chestemere $40
Okotoks $40
Other $.75/km


An invoice will be emailed at the end of every month and you will have 31 days from there to submit payment. Payments can be made online with most major credit cards, Interac E-Transfer or by cheque. 2% interest will be automatically charged past due invoices. 

photography usage license
Usage License

All packages include a standard 1 Year limited usage license which will allow you to post the photos and virtual tours onto MLS, WeList Craigslist, and Kijiji as well as on your real estate agent website for the limited purpose of marketing the property for sale or rent.

The photos and virtual tours may also be used to showcase past rentals, sales and or past listings of the listing real estate agent or brokerage.

The photos and virtual tours MAY NOT be used for any other commercial use including but not limited to advertising, submission for awards, stock imagery, or other means of promotion that are not related to the direct sale or rental of the photographed property.

All photography and virtual tours remain the sole property of the photographer. Licenses are not transferable in any form.

For full details please click here to download the terms and conditions.


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