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Calgary Photos has been providing education to real estate professionals and photographers since 2017.  Taking the knowledge that we have accummulated throughout the years and packaging it into easy to understand and meaningful short courses.  

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NOTICE: COVID-19 Corona Virus - EDU

In consideration of the health risks with the COVID 19 corona virus we are postponing all classes until further notice. 

For more information on the current situation of Covid-19 please visit the Government of Canada website: 

Sign up below for updates on when classes will resume. Or to ensure your spot in the classes once they are available, you can pre-register with a fully refundable $25 deposit and be eligible for priorty registration and introductory discounts.

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Terms & License


All staff will be masked and sanitize as recommended and ask in return for the following:

  1. Homes must be vacant while our team is working
  2. If a one day code cannot be provided, anyone meeting our team on site must wear a mask while providing access and direction and wait outside until we are done.

We thank you for your cooperation and understanding.


All courses will be prepaid at the time of registration.  A full refund will be issued if the course is cancelled by Calgary Photos for any reason.  Students may withdraw from courses at anytime. A full refund will be issued for courses that are withdrawn from at least two weeks prior to the course date.  


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