Simple Videos

Simple Videos

Would you believe that everything on this page was shot with an iPhone 11pro?

Simple Videos are shot, edited and produced almost entirely on the iPhone 11pro. It's fast, affordable and most importantly - beautiful! Don't be scared away by the idea of a smartphone being used to capture and produce a video.  We've already seen major musical stars like Lady Gaga and Taylor Swift create entire music videos all shot using only an iPhone.  Even major motion pictures have used iPhone footage as part of their workflow.

This is your chance to benefit from the amazing technology in the new iPhones. Get stand-out home videos for a fraction of the price of a traditional video, and with half the turn around time.

Simple Video for Real Estate
$225 for homes under 3500sq.ft.
$325 for homes over 3500sq.ft.

Simple Video fo Small Business
$225 for businesses up to 2500sq.ft.
$425 for businesses over 2500sq.ft.



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